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My Story

My name is Barb Cloud
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Elrica Art is made with PASSION and delivered with LOVE

My name is Barbara Elrica Cloud.  I was born on the island St. Lucia and raised in St. Croix in the U. S. Virgin Islands.  As a fluid acrylic artist, I make my home in the Southwest Territory of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  There has always been color around me, the skies, beaches, foliage and desert, our clothes, homes and even rooftops, all brightened my day with color energy.  


I began creating multimedia art, at the age of six, when I ran out of walls, I found other substrates; furniture, rocks, bottles, fan blades, flower pots, any and everything that could withstand paint, got a pop of color.

 Then one day, I moved the color magic to a 16”X20” canvas and a whole other world opened up.  I can’t say for sure if I found fluid acrylic art or if it found me, but I was hooked after the first pour.


My art is organic and matriarchal traditional.  I am a raw artist, taking inspiration from daily experiences.  I find painting very therapeutic and just like for me, I want my art to bring you joy.

Finally: What is Fluid Acrylic Art?

Fluid Acrylic Art is an abstract art form in which various pouring mediums are used to create more fluidity to acrylic paint.  Compositions are achieved using palette knives, cups, compressed air or by hand, to create one of a kind paintings.

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